Младшего сына режиссера Дыховичного задержали в Москве Law enforcement officers found the young man a flask with a white powder. To say cocaine if this is impossible, first, the experts will conduct the analyses. In the case of a positive answer to Vladimir DYKHOVICHNY face criminal proceedings.

      Младшего сына режиссера Дыховичного задержали в Москве

      In mass media there was information that law enforcement officers detained the 27-year-old son of the famous Director Ivan DYKHOVICHNY in the heart of Moscow, near the metro station “Krasnoselskaya”. Vladimir was on the Krasnoprudnaya street. What was he doing, and why they are interested in police, is currently unknown.

      During a search of Vladimir found a flask with a white powder resembling cocaine. Police seized the substance of the actor and sent it for chemical examination. If laboratory tests show that this drug against DYKHOVICHNY Jr. initiated a criminal case, and to answer where he got it and why, Vladimir will have to court.

      Vladimir DYKHOVICHNY, a young Russian actor, son of Ivan DYKHOVICHNY and Olga Cherepanova, the youngest heir to a famous filmmaker. Vladimir was born in 1988. After her divorce from Ivan Olga married an American. According to some, she lives in Connecticut.

      About Vladimir DYKHOVICHNY it is known that he grew up with his mother in the United States. When he was 13 years old, Cherepanov sent the teenager to study at the boarding school Framlingham in the English County of Suffolk. At the age of 19, Vladimir moved to Russia, then he enrolled in the University. DYKHOVICHNY was a student of VGIK, in 2014, the young man graduated from the workshop of people’s artist Sergei Solovyov. The youngest son of famous Director loves music and sang in a band, also penning her lyrics. Vladimir starred in such films as”the Invisible man”, “Alone on the ice” and “Icaria”.

      After the young man was arrested in the capital, police took him to the police station, where they began to conduct proceedings into the incident. Source Life.ru told the newspaper that the substance found in Vladimir, by all indications resembles cocaine.

      Ivan DYKHOVICHNY — famous film Director and producer, passed away in 2009 from lymphoma. The celebrity had three wives and two sons. The eldest heir of Ivan Dmitry is now 46 years old, he lives in Germany and is engaged in the design. In the 80-90-ies he appeared in several paintings of his father.

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