The youngest son of Malinin’s Dating a 14 year old girl

Младший сын Малинина встречается с 14-летней девушкой

Despite the fact that the popular Russian singer Alexander Malinin now rarely appears in the gossip columns, his children from time to time referred in the media. Thus, it became known that the youngest son Alexander and his wife Emma Frol, meets fourteen-year-old girl. On his page in the social network he posted a photo where he was captured during a passionate kiss with his young girlfriend.

“My bae ❤ #blackandwhite” — signed photo of Frol.
“I love you, my lion king,” replied tenderness of his love.
Journalists managed to find out that the love interest of the young man is a native of Germany Johanna Seifert. Judging by the account Jo-Jo (the so-called friends of hers), she tries to become videobloger.
Meanwhile Frol continues to draw. At the age of twelve the parents organised the son of his own Studio where he practices his skills. His work young man puts on the network. The industry professionals argue that the Frol Malinin clearly has the talent and predict him a great future.