Младший сын Дарьи Пынзарь проявляет веселый нрав Family life of a star “Houses-2”. Daria Pynzar constantly facing house with funny situations. But in recent years, and the youngest son David was to please my father and mother cheerful laughter.

      Младший сын Дарьи Пынзарь проявляет веселый нрав

      In one of the most prominent families, which was created in front of the whole country in the “House-2”, recently there was a replenishment. Three months ago, Daria and Sergey Pinzari became parents for the second time. The eldest son of a pair of Artem looking forward to the birth of younger brother David.

      The family only gets used four live, so the couple can sometimes be a lot of funny stories. For example, Sergey and the Theme of spread the diaper while Daria tries in vain to sleep. Father and son generally constantly coming up with cooperative play, much to the amused young mother. And recently the younger son of the stars “House-2” began to show a cheerful disposition.

      “I understand that you feel really happy only after I became a mom. Can’t even begin to imagine how we ever lived without Artem and David! Because it is such a joy to watch them snoring in the crib spouts – universal love and emotion literally poured all over the body… David always gives us surprises, just the other day was the first time he laughed. And in that moment, we were in different rooms, but as soon as I heard the sound, immediately ran to the stroller. Even a little heads collided,” says ex-member of telestroke “StarHit”.

      We will remind, in June Pinzari traveled to the Crimea with the whole family. From Moscow to Alushta participants of the project “Wedding size”, the new season which starts already in early autumn on channel Dомашний, overcome path length of 1600 kilometers. Some members of the star family on social networks wondered if that was hard had to go for several hours with young children. This Daria confidently answered – no!

      Sergey Pynzar took a two-month son from stuffy Moscow

      “Sometimes I think that Serezha has Gypsy roots, because we love to travel by car. We are all avid travelers, so no household difficulties in the way arose: I brought the containers of food and all the necessary baby supplies, plus we know where to stay and what better place to go around the side. David well the road was moved: he either slept or ate. As for the Topic, because of the age she was given to him harder. He wanted to run and jump, was strongly against the usage. But we were ready for it, so not a bit afraid,” – says Daria “StarHit”.

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