The youngest daughter Vera Brezhneva has dramatically matured and become a copy of the mother

Младшая дочь Веры Брежневой резко повзрослела и стала копией матери
Little Sara today marks 8 years.

Star family of Vera Brezhnev is famous for the beauty of women. And the girls have a lot! One Faith of three sisters, and each also have daughters, and most of Brezhneva — two.

The eldest daughter of the singer Sonya has long been conquering the catwalks and fashion magazines and dreams of becoming an actress. The youngest, Sarah, has not yet decided on their future profession. However, she has yet to come, because today she was only 8 years old.

The previous year she amused fans Brezhneva your photos no front teeth. At this age, just as there is a rush of “communication” with the tooth fairy. But now with a smile Sarah, everything is fine. She still laughs with all his teeth, but now hardly anyone would call it funny. She is still small, but already it is clear that will grow a real beauty. All — mother!

Well, that in the future Sarah will be all fine, no doubt. Popular mother and stepfather, Konstantin Meladze, and the possibility of his own father, Michael Kiperman, give the girl everything you need for happiness. But the main thing is intelligence, beauty and charisma — gave all my daughters and grandchildren mother of Faith Tamara Vitalievna. Despite the poor childhood, her daughter well settled in life. Vic is married to producer Alexander Tsekalo. Galina is living happily abroad, and Anastasia, though, and remained in his native Ukraine, but married businessman. The way the religion itself can not be called simple, but it achieved everything I dreamed of: fame, wealth, large family and living with a loved one.