The youngest daughter Tatiana Navka learned to swim breaststroke and diving

Младшая дочь Татьяны Навки научилась плавать брасом и нырять
The Olympic champion shared his success of three years Nadya.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Hope

The youngest daughter Tatiana Navka — three-year-old Hope continues
to hit incredible for such a young age achievements. Skater
shared the happy news that Nadia has learned not only to swim well
breaststroke, but also to dive. “GTO three years has been completed!” — smiles Olympic

Tatiana told me that Hope is brought up very differently than
eldest daughter of Alexander. In an exclusive interview Tatiana said that
the birth of a girl she came with a completely new look at parenting.
Sorry that I was born the eldest daughter Sasha, the Pastor did not know about the system
early development.

“Yes, Sasha, we grow as we ourselves grew up
without any system, without treatment. Carried it with me everywhere — says
Tatiana. — Remember, zasiditsya in the restaurant and it’s right in the chair asleep.
Now I know that a lot is formed at an early age, even before three
years. Nadia and I are bringing up a completely different way. Now she says at the same time
in three languages — Russian, English and Chinese. Draws, sculpts, going to
pool. Of course, I put it on skates. In winter, Nadia was skiing — she is a very busy child.”