The youngest daughter of Igor Krutoy was the stylish thing

Младшая дочь Игоря Крутого стала стильной штучкой The wife of the composer Olga posted on Instagram a picture with the heiress. Alexander has changed markedly in recent years. Fans celebrities have found a resemblance girl with her dad, Igor Krutoy.

      Star couple Cool fun to spend time abroad. In addition to the sweetheart, with a head of the family and took the youngest daughter – 14-year-old Alexander. The girl’s mother was published in the microblog the photo where Sasha is posing with his father. Apparently, they are waiting for a reservation at one of the local restaurants. Relatives embrace and look very happy.

      Interestingly, some thought the girl adult. It not only stylishly dressed, but was almost above the Pope. Judging by the photos, Igor Yakovlevich is with her daughter in close and warm relations. The girl gently hugged him and leaned my head against the parent. Followers of Olga appreciated the frame and noted that the successor of celebrity has changed markedly. Also users of the social network have found a similarity Steep and a young beauty. They left comments in Instagram with words of admiration.

      “How to quickly grow not only their children but other people’s”, “Daddy’s little girl”, “wow what a hottie!”, “Copy dad’s, dad’s always happy, elegant, father’s joy”, “enjoy your stay! Sashulya beauty!”, “This is a change! Gorgeous! As a grown up! I wish you happiness!”, “Sashulya beauty!” – written by the fans compliments Alexandra.

      Faithful admirers of the popular composer has long known of his love to family members. Celebrity hard to communicate with relatives, despite being very busy. Relatives of the men admitted that they often ask Steep-older tips and share the secret. Friendly family tries to get together on the most important events in life: birth of children, New year and other holidays.

      Earlier Igor Yakovlevich and touching himself spoke about his relationship with children. Especially warmly he spoke about the younger daughter. According to the composer, with Alexandra they have a completely different relationship than with the older heirs. The girl is always expressed awe and tenderness to the father, calling himself “little Igor”. The man believes that this friendship came about through his own awareness – Sasha came to light when Steep was 49 years old.