Младшая дочь Дональда Трампа и Линдси Лохан провели время вместе

At that time, as the eldest daughter of Donald trump Ivanka severs all connection with the world of fashion and show business, his younger daughter, Tiffany spends time with Lindsay Lohan in her club Mykonos. How the stars spent time?

24-year-old Tiffany spent last weekend on the Greek island of Mykonos, where Lindsay Lohan opened its club Lohan, Beach House Mykonos. There for the youngest daughter of the current President of the USA entertainment has prepared a star itself. The girls had a great time and photographed together. Lohan set the frame on instagram, but soon removed. However, the fan accounts at once got a photo and “smashed” it on the network. What was the reason for the removal of the photo — is not known.

Herself she is actively working on his new business on the island. In addition to the club, she also wants to run his own show, which will run the same Studio that launched the broadcast of the notorious show about the Kardashian family. Advertising campaign of the show will be celebrity guests of her club, which was Tiffany.

The plans of the actress is not one small project. Lohan wants to create “the island of Lohan” in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. For example Donald trump she wants to build an Empire, calling it by its name.

“I love the life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai they don’t watch me camera, so I can focus on myself,” previously told Lindsay about life in Dubai.

Recall, no problem to go to Dubai Lohan has failed. Foreign media reported that behind the actress left debts to the United States. The amount accumulated is not small, or rather more than 100 thousand dollars. Lindsay hasn’t paid his bills for three years — 2010, 2014 and 2015, which the gave out fine with not a small amount. She Lohan does not call their actions as the escape and blames it all on his Manager. According to the actress, she did not know about the accumulated debt, and her Manager they did not understand.

Yet it never gained serious momentum and came to court, the actress is enjoying the Sunny days in Dubai. “Here you can really enjoy life. I’m here, I’m really happy I’m in a very good location. I love life!” gleefully informs Lindsay.

Sources say that the star great living in UAE, because there she’s a real star. In addition to recognizing the fans in Dubai, the actress is seriously considering the creation of their business outside the United States. What business exactly is still unknown, and due to accumulated debts that may be generally not possible.