The youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina admired and beautiful eyes

Младшая дочка Ксении Бородиной восхитила очаровательными глазками The star published a person Teona closeup. Fans of Ksenia Borodina found that the baby is growing a copy of his father. They admire a charming girl and her lovely deep blue eyes.
Младшая дочка Ксении Бородиной восхитила очаровательными глазками

10 Jun permanent TV presenter of the reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina celebrates the birthday of his eldest daughter, Marusya. The girl was eight years old.

On this day, the media personality decided to make an incredible surprise, not only the birthday girl but for all his fans. Ksenia Borodina dare to show the face of the youngest daughter

Ksenia Borodina did what almost half a year she waited millions of subscribers microblog. She showed a closeup of his youngest daughter Thea. This time the girl is depicted full face, and there is nothing stopping loyal fans of the stars “House-2” in all the details the pretty face of a little girl.

“Theon also joins the congratulations of his beloved sister”, signed an incredibly touching picture of Kseniya Borodina.

The photo of the baby made a splash. For a short period of time, fans have left thousands of comments. They are showered with compliments Theon and her parents, claiming that successor pairs is increasing at a copy of his father.

“Girl! To grow healthy for the joy of mom and dad!”, “I have long wanted to see saw – love it!”, “She looks just like one of the first! Princess!”, “What a cute angel. And the eyes of some what”, “Well, finally we saw this miracle! To grow baby healthy and happy,” “Pretty woman…. What beautiful babies turned out a lot different”, “Little angel. How unexpected. I like this imagined”, “Zimushka! A copy of dad’s! Beautiful daughter you have”, “God, what an angel! Eyes that Mara that Tenochca deep!” – admire the girl fans, Ksenia Borodina.

Do not forget the fans of Xenia to congratulate her older daughter Marusya’s birthday. But the most touching message of his beloved heiress mother left me. Ksenia Borodina published full of love and tenderness in a microblog post.

“My soul, my first, you’re just mine and I’m very grateful that you chose me. You make me feel so lucky, my part, do you feel the mom with every cell in my body, I’m always in your sight, you’re worried about me every minute, I can feel your love every second…

…I admire such a daughter like you. Smart my lovely and I as a mother will do anything so that you have everything that you want. You have a big family and brother and sister, and always loved ones. My darling, the day you were born”, – wrote Ksenia Borodina.