The youngest daughter Catherine Strizhenovoj struck by the transformation

Младшая дочка Екатерины Стриженовой сразила преображением
16-year-old Sasha tried on the image of Hollywood diva.

Sasha Strizhenova

Daughter Catherine Strizhenovoj probably looking at a large model of the future. Now 16-year-old Sasha invite to cooperation of well-known brands. Recently, the Network appeared in a publicity shot where she appeared before the audience in an elegant way that puts the fans of her mom on the spot.

Netizens believe that Sasha in no way inferior to Hollywood stars, nor in beauty, nor in the ability to confidently stand in front of the camera. In this way, the young daughter of Strizhenovoj has already managed to gain experience. Not so long ago she shot a commercial of the perfume Armani. With her on the set worked for a foreign photographer who had already observed that Sasha looks great in the frame.

However, whether the business model the business of life, Sasha is yet difficult to speak. Catherine, for example, configured in this issue decisively: she is not against experiments younger daughter, but she definitely needs to get a decent basic education. Sasha plans to become an economist. However, she has already settled and on the stage. But to go to drama College will not. The famous parents have long told her about the pitfalls of this profession and recaptured it, thus the desire to become an actress. Although this does not mean that Sasha will not choose in the future the path of an actor.