Младший сын Николая Валуева делает успехи в спорте
The famous boxer boasts a four-year-old Sergei.

Son Valuev — Sergey

Photo: Instagram.com

Nikolai Valuev, it seems, is one of the most sentimental boxers all over the world. And in the world of show business it is difficult to find a person more anxious relevant to children. The other day in the microblog of the athlete appeared touching the youngest son, reached the first success in the sport.

On the pictures 4 year old Sergei is depicted on the new bike. Valuev, Sr. made a gift, seeing that the son having outgrown the previous model. The boy have pleased the Pope, in a matter of minutes having mastered a new bike. By the way, to little Sergei published by father frame was the debut in the social networks. Before that, Nicholas had concealed his son from prying eyes.

Recall that, in addition to Sergei, Valuev is still a son Gregory and a daughter Irina. By the way, this year Valuev and his wife Galina celebrated 15 years of life together. People a wedding referred to as crystal or glass. Close presented the spouses on the occasion of the symbolic crystal key.

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