The younger son Dibrova makes first adult steps

Младший сын Диброва делает первые взрослые шаги
Eight month old Elijah went to kindergarten.

Младший сын Диброва делает первые взрослые шаги

Pauline with children

Seventeen-month-old son Dmitry and Polina Dibrova for the first time
went to kindergarten. Supported Elijah in this difficult hike is the middle brother
Fedor. Polina couldn’t let go of one little Ilyusha, and to keep,
how the boy adapts to his new place.

Ilja and Fedor went to the garden

“We have a big day today, — has told Polina. — Ilya
D., is the third of guys in a row in our family first stepped
the threshold of the kindergarten. And while the child adjusts, Mom sits in the corner and
going through, counting the minutes until lunch. Now we all have fun marching with a name
rucksacks. Fedor was very supportive brother, and Sasha all morning was indignant: “Why
I’m one food, and they together””.