The younger brother of Paris Hilton got into a psychiatric hospital

Младший брат Пэрис Хилтон попал в психиатрическую больницу

The younger brother of Nicky and Paris Hilton, Conrad Hilton, is not good behavior. Beginning may 23-the summer guy has been extremely fun and “productive” — Conrad was detained by law enforcement officers for violating a restraining order and broke in to the actress And G. Daley, where his ex-girlfriend hunter daily Salomon.

Wednesday, may 10, held a hearing at which the decision was rendered regarding the future guy.

In the courtroom, Conrad led a very intemperate. He shouted and tried to rush to the prosecutors. Taking into account the inappropriate behavior of the man, the court decided to release him on bail in the amount of 90 thousand dollars on the condition that he be placed on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital, according to TMZ.

Note that expert help is evident here is very much needed. Immediately after breaking up with hunter in 2015 Conrad threatened to kill himself if she will not return to it. After another argument he was trying to break into the house ex-lover, then the court banned the Conrad to approach Daly.

Will the Hilton being in the hospital, time will tell.