The young wife of Ivan Krasko succumbed to his persuasion

Молодая жена Ивана Краско поддалась его уговорам The wife of the famous actor appeared in his recital. Natalia presented to the public their works, which were included in the poetry collection “the Beginning.” Krasko admitted that this experience was unusual and interesting.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско поддалась его уговорам

      A year ago, all the media had spread the news that the 85-year-old actor Ivan Krasko made a proposal to his sweetheart, 24-year-old Natalia Shevel. Then what not only wrote about their Union – for the most part, Natalia was accused of greed, avarice, and using a famous actor as a springboard his acting career.

      A year later, life will put everything in its place. The lovers have still not got their own housing and live with relatives, mountains of gold on the young wife fell. Come down to the fact that the husband of Natalia, Ivan even said several times that in any case is not going to help his wife and “drag” her to the stage. “I have a big umnichka, will be able to achieve everything by herself, I’m sure of it” – admitted as-that paint.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско поддалась его уговорам

      However, the couple had only one desire – to play together on stage. First time did it in spring – Ivan and Natalia first appeared on stage in the play “Hotel Fortuna” on the play by the famous St. Petersburg playwright Nicholas Yakymchuk. But, like any actors, spouses wanted more, as spring began to appear proposals for a joint recital. Was even information that the couple Krasko will be a mini-tour of the Urals, but Ivan Ivanovich so commented on this event: “it was unfair of the organizers, so it’s all off”.

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko: “I could marry an oligarch, but didn’t want to change myself”

      The first joint recital of paint took place last weekend and passed the landmark for St. Petersburg place – the Museum-estate of Gabriel Derzhavina. In the evening Ivan and Natalia read poems to the accompaniment of pianist Igor Duncan, and Natalie read their own poems, which were included in her poetry collection “the Beginning.”

      “Of course, I was very worried – confessed “StarHit” Natalia after the show. I can read any verse of my favorite poets, but to bare his soul and show their creativity to a large audience – it was unusual and interesting. I like it.”

      Apparently, women’s prose of Natalia liked and the spectators our reporter witnessed the scene when several young girls went personally to Natalia after night, and asked where you can buy her book and read her works.

      Performance wife was pleased with her husband. Moreover, Natalia whether in jest or in earnest, admitted that he insisted that she read her own poems, while Ivan focused on the work of his beloved Pushkin, and read the poetry of Mayakovsky and Gumilev.

      “I asked Natasha to do such a night, still feel that its kind of shaky, but, in my opinion, it worked out perfectly. It came to absolutely everything – good poetry, great acting talent, I’m sure she has a great future,” said Ivan Krasko.