Молодая жена Ивана Краско высказалась о скором разводе с мужем In recent years the relations of the famous actor with the chosen one not seriously worried about his fans. The pair spoke about the breakup. Ivan and Natalia do not exclude that this may happen in the near future. Recently beloved actor clarified the rumors about the divorce.
Молодая жена Ивана Краско высказалась о скором разводе с мужем

Day after day, discussing the rumors about the divorce of Ivan Krasko with his young wife. In the program “actually” actor has stated that he can dissolve the marriage with Natalia Shevel in the near future. It turned out that the beloved star was flirting with another man. Natalie denies that cheated on his wife. This girl does not exclude that can leave a celebrity.

Concerned fans of the couple started asking Krasko and Shevel about whether or not their relationship has outlived its usefulness. After the screening of “million dollar Secret” this weekend, the hero of which was Ivan, his wife decided to answer the questions of viewers. Natalia confirmed that the divorce can take place, but I chose not to go. At the same time, Shevel does not exclude that it may save the marriage with the actor. She also posted on Instagram a photo op with Ivan Ivanovich.

“By popular demand. The topic of divorce is “?”. The sign “?” – nothing more to say… no matter How turned, we remain respectful of each other people. Native people”, – said the wife of a celebrity in social networks.
Молодая жена Ивана Краско высказалась о скором разводе с мужем

Fans of Natalia and Ivan were pleased with the fact that even those can be reunited, and wished the couple to keep the family together. “How felt for you, good luck in everything”, “You rock. In spite of envious together. Take care of each other”, “Let all envy, keep it up,” “Glad you’re together. Natasha, you have a lot of haters and people who are interested in your breakup. Be wise,” “No divorce”, “What a bright photo”, “You are so beautiful and wonderful,” – commented on the Internet.

In the program “the Secret to a million” Ivan Krasko has admitted that he is not afraid if the wife will fall in love with age. “I their wives are taught, primarily, for freedom, – said the actor. – I think I’m ready to forgive in this case… Because the age makes itself felt. This attraction, which is unconscious and exists between a man and a woman, she’s weakening. They say quite frankly”.

In turn, Natalia Shevel added that is grateful to the spouse. Ivan allows a lady to spend the night with friends and does not set hard restrictions. On the question of whether Platonic her relationship with her husband, Natalia did not answer. “When you say that you have sex some people are starting to think that I’m gerontophile, and Ivan Ivanovich is a pedophile. So I usually answer: “And you with your husband have sex?” – shared Shevel. Ivan Krasko offers young wife open marriage