The young wife of Ivan Krasko jokes in bed

Молодая жена Ивана Краско шутит в постели Natalia Shevel manifests peculiar sense of humor. Ivan Krasko often becomes the object of her pleasures. For example, if the spouses are not in a hurry, aspiring actress makes a surprise for her husband, and then watching his reaction.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско шутит в постели

      Six months ago, 85-year-old Ivan Krasko and 26-year-old Natalia Shevel became legal spouses. People’s artist and aspiring actress married in one of the salons of St. Petersburg. The couple live in a fifteen room in a common housing with the daughter-in-law Margaret Zvonareva and grandson Cyril. Relatives without problems made the room out of respect for an elderly person.

      The couple try not to bring the owners of the apartment too much trouble, although sometimes can afford original family jokes. So, Natalia literally recalls his childhood and exhibits an outstanding sense of humor, hiding in the room in the morning, while her husband prepares the coffee.

      “Sometimes I like to make a Scarecrow, put to bed, cover him with a blanket. Ivan brings coffee, trying to Wake me up, opens the blanket and there I was not. It is interesting to observe his behaviour, plasticity, the expression of the face at the same time. Often come up with such tricks in the country, when nowhere to hurry…” – says Natalya.

      Hardly Ivan resents her for such antics. Despite this, Natalia thinks the wife is quite temperamental man. In recognition Shevel, paint can show emotions in a rather vivid form. Young wife even compares marital conflicts with the explosion of the volcano.

      “I think it’s getting to the age when its no surprise. You can only surprise your accomplishments: write a cool verse, good to play on stage, to remember at the right moment, the proper quote… if we Sleep with Ivan Ivanovich and how it happens – you know, the whole country cares. But to speak on this subject as you do not want”, – says Natalia.

      Meanwhile, Shevel trying to protect the health Krasko. The couple not only live, but also work together. Natalia feels, if not Muse, then a student of national artist. The girl said that with her Ivan cheered and even younger. However, an actor plagued by eyesight problems, and there’s nothing you can do.

      “He has very poor vision. At home I have to read to him the text, reread several times so that he remembers his role. Sometimes tells their story to the recorder, because I’m not always home. Of course, tired… more Okay, while there’s no baby. And so would I, actually hanged himself, probably,” explains the wife Krasko in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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