Молодая жена Ивана Краско резко постарела
Internet users are wondering what happened to “gentle spring” girl.

Natalia Krasko

The last photo published by the young wife of Ivan
Krasko Natalia, has alarmed its subscribers. Many thought that in the picture
28-year-old woman looks much older than his age. “Natasha, you are incredibly beautiful, young woman, but it
the impression after the last photo, that you old! What happened? In
the beginning of the profile you are such a spring, gentle!” — asked one of
Of the Internet users.

Natalia took the time and joined with the subscriber in
correspondence. “At the beginning of the profile I was 20 years old, and today 28… How are you
think? Time should something change? — she asked a rhetorical question. This
the answer did not suit the fans of paint. Natalia said that she’s had too much
makeup which aged her much, because she was not yet thirty years.

However, say that no subscribers Natalia, her 87 year old husband all happy, and hardly considers that he
wife looks bad. In a recent interview with the magazine “Caravan of Stories” the artist told
how happy he is, despite the fact that many condemn his marriage.

“This unusual all around the Union responded
rapidly. When we came to the Registrar of the Admiralty district to file a statement in
the door was a big part of the team, recalled the actor. — To me, gently
speaking, looked surprised. Indeed, in 2001, I there led another
Natalia, Nikolaevna. And then — and the bride even younger, and the age difference we have
have more. Seeing the public interest, asked the workers of the registry office: “Tell me,
please you register spiritual marriage?” They smiled and nodded.
Believe me — I did not dissemble. Our marriage is really sincere, friendly,
respectful. Though quarrels sometimes erupt: Natalia willed character and important
not even the subject of the dispute, and who will win it the upper hand. Jokingly call these fights
“arena brains”. But the quarrel with her is also nice. Not for nothing do they say:
lovers ‘tiffs are harmless”.