Молодая жена Ивана Краско опозорила его бывшую невестку Natalia is in conflict with Margaret Zvonareva, the wife of the deceased son of the actor. They have to live in the same apartment, part-owned by the grandson of paint. The choice of the young actor told reporters how they divide the territory.
Молодая жена Ивана Краско опозорила его бывшую невестку

Ivan and Natalia Krasko continue to fight for the apartment in which they live. Earlier it became known that, legally, the living space is furnished for three people. A famous actor wrote the part of the daughter Julia, the second son, Andrew, and the third – grandson of Jan Andreevich. Later the share of the heir Krasko passed to his grandson Cyril. In fact, the former lover of Andrew Margaret did not belong. However, the spouses have to live in “treshke” with this woman and 19-year-old Cyril.

Ivan Krasko is likely to remain without a roof over your head

According to Natalia Krasko, first problems between them arose. Now, however, Margaret says that she wants peace and tranquility. According to lady Ivan, the woman was the first to initiate a fight.

Молодая жена Ивана Краско опозорила его бывшую невестку“Literally out of nowhere. Let’s say I want to wash clothes Ivan Ivanovich. She pointedly turns off the washing machine, they say, the machine gave her Andrew, she is old and can fail. I come to Ivan Ivanovich and indignant: “What kind of nonsense?” Immediately to our bedroom bursts into a Margarita and starts screaming that I lash out at her. Word for word – blown scandal,” said the young actress.
Молодая жена Ивана Краско опозорила его бывшую невестку

According to the artist, they share a kitchen, each with their own table on which to cook. In addition, when paint is stove, Margaret often recalled that appliances prinadlejit her. However, most Natalia resent the mess .In her opinion, the apartment is cluttered, and there long did the repair. Spouse Krasko tries on their own to change something in the home.

“19 years Margaret has not done anything in the apartment! Housing in poor condition – the fly Wallpaper, the cracks in the ceiling, the balcony seems to collapse at any moment. I can’t even have friends to visit us call. I am ashamed to invite someone in this joint. I now do the repair in two rooms. I’m going to live there or not – it is my duty to bring home in order,” – said Natalia.

Ivan Krasko is not interested in legal issues, it only says that Margaret moved in three years when she was in a relationship with his son, Andrew. “I was annoyed that she and Margaret do not get along,” admits the actor, the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We will remind, according to Natalia, the daughter of Ivan Ivanovich does not work and a lot of time sitting at home. The conflict in the family began after the grandson got a gift from his grandfather car, Then the woman began to put pressure on the spouses of paint and ask them to move out. “This is a long-standing intra-family conflict,” says of the situation Natalia.