Молодая жена Ивана Краско нашла новую работу Natalia started melodeclamations. “StarHit” visited the recording Studio where the wife of a famous actor is working on a new project. Natalia Krasko admitted that he had long wanted to impose music on his own works, but this dream will come true only now.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско нашла новую работу

      The last few months, the talk around the couple paint has softened a little. It seems that people and the media finally realized the value of this unusual Union, which every day is only growing stronger. Now, leaving aside all the hype, the couple can quietly focus on creativity, new ideas and projects.

      One such project Natalia started a few days ago, deciding to try yourself in the now fashionable genre of melodeclamation – poetry reading music. For this she went to the HyperSound Studio along with music producer Artem Usov Gladysheva. It should be noted that in the spring, first saw the light a collection of poems of Natalia Krasko “the Beginning”, which was published in an edition of 200 copies – the poems in this book Natalie and records.

      After learning about this project, the correspondent of “StarHit” suggested that Natalia is preparing a surprise for your husband, famous actor Ivan Krasko, moreover, very soon the couple will celebrate the first anniversary of marriage. The young wife of Ivan Krasko jokes in bed

      “Of course, Ivan Ivanovich would be pleased, he supports me in many endeavors, but I’m doing this for myself, it interested me and it is very good training. We just started and are still working in test mode, see what happens” – philosophically said Natalia.
      Молодая жена Ивана Краско нашла новую работу

      Do not cease talking around recitals of both spouses, who wanted to spend the spring not only in his native St. Petersburg and in the Urals, but is let down by the organizers. Although the celebrity couple has not lost hope to act with such a creative night, however, while Natalia is silent, will do it then his poetry – or not.

      “I have this strange poetic style, which I still do until the end can not understand. They start very easily, but at the climax touch on some sensitive pressure points and, despite its apparent lightness, they do these poems are very intimate. Each of these pieces must feel myself, I even call them “fire poems,” said Krasko.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско нашла новую работу

      Of course, for philosophical and metaphorical lines of Natalia require special music Kara until she picks up. But, she said, she would like to work with any composer who would be able “to feel and to correctly understand the mood of her works”.

      But the idea to invite Ivan Ivanovich Krasko, to be with him, to read poetry, as it turned out, Natalia has not yet occurred. “The husband has a very busy schedule, he works hard and is busy. But thanks for the idea, we think,” smiled Natalia.

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