The young wife of Ivan Krasko complained about his behavior

Молодая жена Ивана Краско пожаловалась на его поведение The famous actor and his wife have been together for over a year. Ivan and Natalia show the true idyll, despite all the speculation negative people. Recently, the artist and his fiancee told the journalists about their relationship.

      Молодая жена Ивана Краско пожаловалась на его поведение

      In September of this year people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko and his fiancee Natalie celebrated their cotton wedding. Many doubted the sincerity of the intentions of the young sweetheart of the actor. However, Natalia and Ivan show the family reunion, which can only envy. Despite all the speculation haters, they seem to be truly happy in marriage. Recently, the family Krasko appeared in the program of the First channel “About love”.

      The young wife of Ivan Krasko: “I could marry an oligarch, but didn’t want to change myself”

      In recognition of the wife of the famous actor she knows it inside out.

      “I have learned of Ivan Ivanovich. When he wants to take care of him, he begins to pedal on your age and a little bit manipulated, like, here, I can’t see, can’t. I understand that people want to take care of him. Because he perfectly does everything himself,” said Natalia Krasko.
      Молодая жена Ивана Краско пожаловалась на его поведение

      At the moment, the celebrity and his fiancee live in an apartment owned by children Krasko. Star of theatre and cinema has repeatedly said in interviews that such conditions do not constrain them. “Well, that’s the fate of the actors. Dramatic artists, earn some money, in contrast to singers and players,” says Krasko.

      Ivan and Natalia are also working together. In recognition of the beloved actor, their personal life does not affect joint work. In turn, Krasko said that sometimes gives valuable advice to the wife who listens with gratitude to the famous actor.

      Friends Ivan Ivanovich sincerely rejoice in his happiness. They took the wife of actor and I found her mannered and intelligent girl. Fiancee of people’s artist of the Russian Federation also spoke of Sofiko Shevardnadze on what her relationship with the heirs of the husband.

      “Those of the children of Ivan Ivanovich, who have seen and know, I’m friendly and treat everyone sincerely, kindly. Always ready for help and communication,” admitted Natalia.

      Recall that the wedding of Ivan Krasko and his lady was held in September last year. Lovers issued the relations in the Central Registrar of Saint-Petersburg. At the ceremony were close friends of the couple. Ivan put on the wedding of an old military uniform, which is well preserved over the years. “I decided to go back to your age… did You know? Appreciated?” – with these words, the artist turned to its second half.