The young wife of an oligarch pissed off subscribers

Молодую жену олигарха разозлили подписчики

Spouse top Manager of “LUKOIL” upset that nobody believes in her a sincere love for 55-year-old husband.

Model Liza Adamenko literally made fun of in social networks. While she enjoyed family happiness with businessman Valentin Ivanov, the envious insisted, saying that she married for money and love there and there was no trace. Lisa was silent until recently, but apparently her patience came to an end. The young girl publicly stated, is hearsay on the Internet – a blatant lie. And this fact it intends to prove in court!

It should be noted that Valentin Ivanov and the truth is always choose his girls much younger than themselves. His first wife Alena Filinkova, who bore him a daughter, for example, born in 1993.

Also, according to media reports, a few years ago, the businessman often went out in the company of underage models. And his current wife Liza Adamenko he knew long ago. She supposedly already with 13 years he associated with him in the capital’s parties. Confirmation of this – her blog, the spaciousness of which you can find her pictures of the expensive yachts and cars. No wonder that, looking at the luxurious life of an ordinary girl who does not have even secondary education, have thought that she got all these gifts at the expense of men. And also married for money.

For a long time Liza Adamenko tried not to pay attention to the negative statements in his address. But the other day decided to punish offenders, saying the social network that intends to file a lawsuit for libel.

“We are a family – how can you say anything against the husband and wife. I’m married – I love, love me! I’m not 14, but my husband is not 55. How can you judge and write nasty dirt about us (family), delusions and wild lies. Many models – the mistress, the kept woman, escortsite, etc write you about them, about how they split the family, sleep with men for something, and they model, and they are many, and they all say that they are cool and do everything themselves. Well, funny, low – write about these people, about lovers and mistresses, although people are unlikely to be called, not happy and nothing made couples in marriage! All this dirt has already crossed the border, we are tired of this crap and seriously decided to approach this group, the miserable, the poor beasts without their lives and self-esteem – now you will have to engage law enforcement in a criminal case for slander”, – said Adamenko in his blog.

After such publication subscribers girls were divided into two camps: some were happy for her successful family life, others again filled up with negative comments.