The young wife of an oligarch brought the haters

Молодую жену олигарха довели хейтеры Spouse top Manager of “LUKOIL” was tired of being humiliated online. The girl reported that she is kind to her husband and can no longer read negative comments about his family. The model also said it plans to apply to law enforcement bodies to punish the envious.

      Model Liza Adamenko – the wife of an oligarch Valentin Ivanov. Top Manager of “LUKOIL” likes to spoil the wife with expensive gifts. The girl regularly shares with subscribers his microblog photos of a luxurious gift. However, not all users of the Internet rejoice in the happiness of the couple. Some of them are regularly criticized Adamenko, considering that she was married to Ivanov solely for the sake of money and high position in society.

      Recently, Lisa has decided to respond to the comments of the detractors on Instagram. The girl claims that he is going to take seriously the criticism and intends to deal with the haters in court. Adamenko plans to file a libel suit. She also noted that her husband is younger than that age, which is attributed to him in the Network.

      “We are a family – how can you say anything against the husband and wife. I’m married – I love, love me! I’m not 14, but my husband is not 55. How can you judge and write nasty dirt about us (family) wild nonsense and lies. Many models – the mistress, the kept woman, escortsite, etc write you about them, about how they split the family, sleep with men for something, and they model, and they are many, and they all say that they are cool and do everything themselves. Well, funny, low – write about these people, about lovers and mistresses, although people are unlikely to be called, not happy and nothing made couples in marriage! All this dirt has already crossed the border, we are tired of this crap and seriously decided to approach this group, the miserable, the poor beasts without their lives and self-esteem – now you will have to engage law enforcement in a criminal case for slander”, – said Adamenko in social networks.

      Subscribers Lisa supported her and advised not to dwell on negative emotions. “You are very beautiful couple, and even something similar, this is harmony,” “In the age Lisa want to share their joy with the world. Why because of a handful of man-boob she have to hide?”, “That done, it’s about time”, “unfortunately, whatever you do, you will still be condemned. Happy people in someone else’s life do not climb”, “It’s envy”, “you Have a wonderful life and you two are perfect together, and those who write nasty, just happy that you read them”, commented a followers model.

      Recall that the wedding of Vladimir Ivanov and his sweetheart took place this summer. The ceremony was held in an old French castle, located in the suburbs of nice. Guests Adamenko and Ivanov began their family and friends. Among them was Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, pleased all present with their performances.