The young wife of Alexander Gordon is expecting her second child

Молодая жена Александра Гордона ждет второго ребенка The wife of the famous journalist pregnant. Noza Abdulvasieva will soon give Alexander Gordon a toddler. The couple appeared together at the premiere of the film “Icebreaker”. Apparently, the young mother feels great.

      Молодая жена Александра Гордона ждет второго ребенка

      Alexander Gordon, together with his young wife Nesoi Abdullayeva first appeared at the premiere of the film “Icebreaker”. The young mother was wearing a wide coat, which hide rounded tummy. The couple is not keen to advertise the imminent birth of an heir. The baby will be the second child of Gordon and Abdullayeva first. Apparently, the pregnancy of a young mother is good and she is in excellent health attending social events.

      Two years ago in late October, the young wife of TV presenter first became a mother. She gave her husband a son. Boy, it was decided to name in honor of his father Alexander. The famous journalist did not hide his happiness from the birth of an heir, though I tried not to talk much about the baby.

      “He lives in the next room, he was silent as I told Gordon, in one of the TV programs. I always miss him. All the time. Even when I’m around. This is happiness, of course.”

      In the beginning of the year, Alexander introduced his youngest heir, the eldest daughter, Anna. The girl lives in the USA, and therefore the first meeting with his brother was very joyful and at the same time exciting. Apparently, the girl in a wonderful relationship with the new wife of her father. The long-awaited meeting Anna and little Sasha appeared on the page in the social network Nosy.

      “The brother and sister met,” simply signed the wife of Alexander Gordon.

      Despite the fact that the daughter of TV presenter older than his current wife of six years, girls were able to find a common language.

      Alexander and NASA met on the set of the TV series “Smart guy”, where the man played one of the roles, and the girl came to do a report. Gordon already has two children from his first marriage with Mary Vannikovoy and from a brief affair with a journalist from Krasnodar Elena Pashkova. Last child star father doesn’t see, but financial support.