Молодая жена подарила Александру Мохову сына 53-year-old actor became the father of many children. Alexander Mokhov shared the happy news with fans. Star of “Bros” and “While sleeping village” called the child a beautiful and popular name.

      Молодая жена подарила Александру Мохову сына

      Alexander Mokhov incredibly happy. His 24-year-old wife Irina gardener gave birth to a child. The good news a 53-year-old actor and the Director shared on his page in the social network. This is the third heir to the stars – the older his children were born in previous marriages. Known to viewers of the film “Two destinies”, “Bros”, “While sleeping village” artist accepts congratulations. Many fans, friends and colleagues are full of bright emotions, along with Alexander.

      Interestingly, the boy’s parents called popular and beautiful name Matthew. A newborn and his mother feel great, they’re already back from the hospital to the family.

      “Ira, thank you for Matthew! I’m the happiest dad in the world” – addressed to his wife on the social network Mokhov.

      It is noteworthy that the novel by Alexander Mokhov and Irene gardener can be called a service. The actors met on the set of “the Last janissary”. The girl played up to the actors during trial, because to her a very long time was not a suitable heroine. In the end, seeing potential to Irina, Alexander came up to her small role. The actor admits that he felt in jireh soul mate. Soon the Director of the chosen one moved from Kiev to Moscow.

      “Heart skipped a beat, but himself hindered: “Sasha, stop it. A young girl, useless things.” Then we some more time met, and I don’t listen to anyone or anything. I began an affair, moved in together, but everyone was confident that when the project is over, leave and wave goodbye. And I said, “get Ready, we will go together to Moscow. Will be with you as much as you want…” said Mokhov about the beginning of the novel the gardener, which he, by the way, said absolutely not spoiled by man.

      Star of the TV series “While sleeping village” Alexander Mokhov told about a young bride

      Despite the difference in age more than twenty years, had lovers, there is no controversy about domestic issues. “The main thing in relationships – trust and respect – said Mokhov. – Chocolate-marshmallow love will still be held. And to be reborn she needs in a friendship is the most valuable. After all, why often break up the unions? And can’t even talk to someone! And how cool when we can first make love, and then another two hours of laying down and discuss everything”.

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