Молодой муж Леры Кудрявцевой недоволен её фигурой
Hockey player Igor Makarov called his wife full.

Lera Buravtseva and Igor Makarov

Photo: Fotodom.ru

One of the main components of harmonious relations Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov — a sense of humor. Recently the TV presenter has shared with his fans a funny conversation with husband in which the couple discussed one of the most pressing for most women question.

Despite the fact that the figure of 45-year-old Lera is ideal for many of her fans, she never misses an opportunity to discuss with Igor the presence of her excess weight. However, with the question “I’m fat?” face every day millions of men around the world. As practice shows, not to offend your mate, it is best to answer a firm “No!” But Makarov decided to play a trick on his wife and called his wife a “full”. Kudryavtseva to this answer, I reacted with humor and quickly retorted that “fat” in them pair it. However, the hockey player quickly corrected himself and admitted that Valerie really is in great shape.

By the way, to be thin, TV presenter carefully watch their diet and exercise. Not so long ago, she demonstrated a perfect figure in a swimsuit. “Fortunately, keep the weight in kg 49-50 manage without difficulty,” said Leroy in an interview with the magazine “7 days”. — I think my
the rhythm of life plays a significant role, because I can’t sit on
place, a day late running around somewhere, doing something. It is also
physical activity of its kind. Well, genetics plays an important role,
thanks mom and dad!”

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