Молодой муж Ирины Лобачевой высказался о ее отношениях с Марьяновым She remembered the novel does Baranovym. She continues to insist that in his death there are a lot of unclear moments. Her husband Ivan supported her in the Studio “Let them talk”.
Молодой муж Ирины Лобачевой высказался о ее отношениях с Марьяновым

Olympic champion in figure skating Irina Lobacheva remembered how she was in love with Dmitry Maryanov. The athlete was the guest of the program “Let them talk”. She frankly told about their relationship. However, at some point, the actor cheated on her.

“It was a birthday Gosha Kutsenko. I went there alone and had already seen the press photo with Ksenia BIK. I asked what was going on. He said that so and so is getting married and it turns out he has a child. Two years ago, as then said Ksenia, she was pregnant. Fleeting relationships – they vozobnovlenie… I do not tolerate infidelity. I got in touch with Dima after his divorce from Ilia”, – said Irina.

45-year-old skater still insists that the daughter of actor Anfisa different father. According to her, she saw a video proving this fact. In the cutting of other transmission showed how happy he was with Maryanov Xenia and their child.

“I know, but I can’t say,” said Lobacheva.

Молодой муж Ирины Лобачевой высказался о ее отношениях с Марьяновым

Irina claims that the Maryanov wanted to leave BICK. According to her, he was tired of such a relationship. Lobacheva said that a few months before the sudden death of the actor became very bad look. For life he abused alcohol.

“Sometimes I drank with him. After filming at Mosfilm we walked in the chic cafe. He was treated for alcoholism. Spent 2 million,” – said the skater.

Lobacheva also tried to stop drinking. She was on treatment in a special centre. “And everything sort of went”, – says Irina.

The man who stayed with Martynovym in one rehabilitation facility, told how the treatment of the actor. Dmitry got an attack of epilepsy, it tried to reassure. Gradually he fell into delirium tremens. Then the experts was seriously pretty worried and started stabbing him the medicine.

Also the Studio was Tatiana Skorokhodova, the first civilian spouse Maryanova. Sometimes she talked to him and after a breakup.

Молодой муж Ирины Лобачевой высказался о ее отношениях с Марьяновым

Actress Ekaterina Parfenova starred does Baranovym in the movie “Above the rainbow”. She came to answer all the questions. “The Phoenix centre is a place which gave him his friends. He went there to recover. He had a breakdown,” said Catherine.

She believes that because of thrombophlebitis Maryanov could die anywhere. Xenia did not know about the details of what was happening in the center. She called every day to this center. He had to rehabilitate. The morning of his death she called the call center and she said Maryanov asked chiropractor. There is a serious investigation,” – said Katya.

On arrival in Moscow after the death Maranova Parfenova decided to support BIC. According to her, when she came to the acquaintance on a visit, her home was lined with photos of Dmitry, so it seemed that he was as if still alive.

“Xenia tried to stop him. She fought, and beat an alarm. Dima was a stubborn man,” said the actress.
Молодой муж Ирины Лобачевой высказался о ее отношениях с Марьяновым

Irina Lobacheva bombarded with questions about her recent wedding with a young man who is 16 years younger than her. Ivan came to the Studio to explain how it relates to the history and Baranovym.

“I did not mind that my wife is good memory, tells about the important people who played an important role… If a person has a difficult situation, the main help from a dear, loved one. She had to be with him”, – said the partner Lobacheva.

Ivan admitted that he, along with Irina not her property. According to him, he has good living conditions. At the end of the transfer Dmitry Borisov advised Lobacheva to meet with Xenia. BIK and talk.