The young heir to the British throne in danger

Юный наследник британского престола в опасности
Duchess Catherine wants to pick up my son from school.

Юный наследник британского престола в опасности

Prince William with son George


On the days of the London
police uncovered a group of criminals who planned the kidnapping of 4-year-old
the heir to the throne — Prince George. The guards conducted an operation during which
was arrested three men involved in the conspiracy. As it turned out, they
had planned to kidnap the boy right out of school. The exact plan, which lists
the location of all premises, the criminals managed to get hold of this summer, when the school were repaired: one of the attackers got in
under the guise of a construction worker. According to the plan, the young Prince was going
to request a ransom of 50 million pounds.

The first doubts about the reliability of the security system of the school appeared 2 weeks ago when the building where the children were engaged in,
entered a strange woman — 40-year-old Louise Centre. Moreover, she managed to get
to school not once, but twice. Ultimately, she was arrested by the police.
Louise, clearly suffering from a mental disorder, were not going to like
hurt, Prince George. As the woman explained that she just “superfancy”
the Royal family and wanted to talk to George without interference. This
the incident in itself can hardly be considered serious, however, in the opinion
many, this story was only “the first call”.

And further developments have shown that dark
projections of the senior members of the Royal family, from the very beginning opposed
enrollment of 4-year-old Prince George’s school Thomas’s Battersea School, begin to make excuses. Prince Charles and his wife
Camille claimed to seriously doubt the possibility to provide
effective protection of the young Prince in the building, where, besides him, are constantly
500 more children, not counting teachers and staff attendants.

As they say, the whole story made seriously
nervous Duchess Catherine, where such excitement is now strictly
contraindicated, because she is expecting a third child. The arrest of the attackers forced
it seriously to doubt not only the correctness of the decision to give George school Thomas’s
Battersea School and moving to
London country estate. Allegedly, the Duchess is now trying
to convince his wife to return to Sandringham, more precisely in Anmer Hall. However,
it is hardly possible to implement in practice. After all, Katherine and all her family
moved the capital not only because of George, but due to Prince William, which
the request of Queen Elizabeth, is going to take on a larger share
the duties of a member of the Royal family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children