Молодой бойфренд Бритни Спирс сделал откровенное признание
Sam Asgari told about funny beginning of his romance with the singer.

Молодой бойфренд Бритни Спирс сделал откровенное признание

Sam Asgari and Britney Spears

Photo: Instagram

Sam Asgari, who has already
about one and a half years Dating 36-year-old Britney Spears made a surprise
recognition. A young man who is rightfully proud of its perfect figure bodybuilder, said that several years ago he suffered
from obesity!

“It all started with the fact that I
kicked out of the student football team. I have stopped practicing, and since
at the time, ate completely wrong, then quickly began to put on weight. Wonder
this is not necessary, in fact I ate there almost some carbs: Breakfast
chips and ate mostly fast food, but between eating a lot of sweets and
drink their soda with a fair amount of sugar. Once I got on
the scales and discovered that I weigh 130 pounds, I realized that you need something to do
otherwise it will end badly…” — said 24-year-old asghari.

He sat on a special diet for
bodybuilders and started working in the gym like a man possessed. For the year chosen one of the Spears managed to lose 45 more pounds, and by the time the meeting with Britney no one would
learned Sam the fat man that he was before.

“When I found out that I
approved for a role in a music video Britney Slumber Party, I’m just crazy
was totally worried. I so wanted to impress her… And when she
came up to me and introduced himself: “my name is Britney!”, even though I knew,
who is she, decided to make a joke: “I’m Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?” Alas,
was not that funny, she shrugged and went somewhere. But then I got a second chance when we
had to wait for the next take, sitting alone in a room, almost half an hour.
And then we started talking and she
asked for my phone number…” — shared memories Asgari.

Sam Asgari