Сценаристы “Игры престолов” впервые признали свою ошибку

Сценаристы “Игры престолов” впервые признали свою ошибку

The writers of the cult TV series “Game of thrones” David Benioff and Dan Weiss for the first time commented on the failure of the last series of the Saga, and admitted that he really made a big mistake.

Recently in Austin (Texas) hosted a major film festival, where writers were invited guests. That’s where the writers gave the first interview where he answered a barrage of criticism in his side.

The fact that they did not expect that the author of the novel “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin, fully laid upon them the responsibility to finish the script of his book. The writers were not ready to undertake such large-scale work, but there was no way back. They also said that initially released the first test series, the scenario of which was written exclusively by them two. It was a disaster, got a huge criticism, and then David and Dan realized that HBO will stop work on this project. Great surprise for them was the reverse reaction, continued funding in full.

The writers acknowledged that they made mistakes not only in the script, but also in the selection of sets, costumes and even actors. They decided that the show quite a lot of fantastic scenes, so I decided to get rid of them and added more reality. Dan Weiss said that the work on the final season of “Game of thrones” became for him a real school in too expensive cinematic Institute.

Recall that the finale of “Game of thrones” is very disappointing all the fans, they were massively criticized writers on social networks, unsubscribed from HBO and even made a petition which was signed by a huge number of people. Fans demand to reshoot the final season. Despite all the accusations and scandals, the show became a cult classic, only say 10 awards, an Emmy award, and four consecutive years he was voted the best drama series. The special effects of “Game of thrones” got into the Guinness book of records.

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