The world’s media discuss the fifth pregnancy of Victoria Beckham

Мировые СМИ обсуждают пятую беременность Виктории Бекхэм David Beckham and his wife may give birth to another heir. A source close to the star hinted that the pair is making efforts for this. The singer sat on a special diet for conceiving a child.

      Мировые СМИ обсуждают пятую беременность Виктории Бекхэм

      Victoria and David Beckham in spite of persistent rumors about divorce show the family idyll. Celebrity couple publishes on his page in Instagram romantic photos. In signatures of stars recognized each other in love.

      Few people in the world of show business can boast of such long-term loyalty – because the Beckhams married for sixteen years. During this time, the footballer and the singer have become the parents of four adorable children. And, it seems, they don’t plan to stop.

      In spite of everything: some of the happiest moments in the family Beckham

      Surrounded by stars long rumored that the Beckhams want another baby. Girlfriend Victoria, wife of star chef Gordon Ramsay Tana, confirmed to reporters that the couple dream of replenishment. The woman confessed to one well-known British tabloid that Victoria even sat on a special diet, beneficial for the conception of the baby. Her diet is dominated by broccoli, spinach and other green foods rich in folic acid. Later a number of media confirmed that, perhaps, the couple once again become parents.

      It is possible that the romantic mood of the spouses has configured recent trip to Mexico, where they went to the wedding of close friend Victoria, Eva Longoria. The celebration was very touching. David was in awe of the spectacular sunsets and rich nature of Mexico.

      Recall that the spouses themselves and this summer will celebrate the seventeenth anniversary of family life. Wedding is one of the brightest pairs on 4 July 1999 and cost nearly one million dollars, of which $ 100,000 went just for wedding dress Victoria. By the way, the costs are not very worried about celebrities, because celebrities have successfully sold the rights to exclusive photos from the wedding of one of the tabloids for an amount that is fully paid for all expenses.

      Last year on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of marriage, the family gathered in full strength and made a portrait as a memento. Published in social networks photo received thousands of likes from fans of couples around the world. Victoria and David admitted that he was very happy to be together and immensely love their children – 16-year-old Brooklyn, 12-year-old Romeo, 10-year-old Cruz and daughter Harper, who was four.

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