Мир прощается с «королевой трикотажа» Соней Рикель French fashion designer died at the age of 86 years. This was announced by Sonia Rykiel’s daughter Nathalie. The woman died at home in Paris after a long illness. To her admirers, I Express my condolences to her family.

      Famous French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel has died at the age of 86 years. The woman died this morning in Paris. In the last few years the fashion designer was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The time and place of the funeral of a great designer is not reported.

      Sonia Rykiel began her career doing window dressing one textile store, which was owned by her husband. The woman had great taste and vision of color, so very soon began to take its first steps as a designer. A boutique opened on Rue de Grenelle in Paris in 1986.

      Sonia Rykiel loved every minute of her life. She tried to try everything: I love chocolate, cigars and parties. However, this did not prevent her to pay special attention to charity projects. She visited women in prison and helped establish the office in one of the Paris hospitals.

      “I have always been associated with his era. I was interested in everything. Culture, politics, sociologia, ecology. Everything that happens in the world, I care” – liked to repeat the designer.

      In 2010, the brand has released a line of interior fabrics, and in the Paris gallery La Gallerie Catherine Houard was an exhibition of drawings Rykiel. Sonya all my life I loved the painting and communicated with famous artists of his time.

      Since 2012, the fashion house ran a Sony daughter Natalie. The famous French brand famous for knitted things: striped dresses, cardigans, and interesting decor items using glass rhinestones and decals. And in 2014, the brand headed by creative Director Julie de Libran previously worked side by side with Marc Jacobs in Louis Vuitton.

      “It is a strong personality who created her own special style. I liked the idea that this is a woman who dresses women,” – says the designer about the great Rykiel.

      At the moment, the brand produces women’s and children’s clothing, as well as perfumes and accessories. The bags Sonia Rykiel hunting fashionistas from around the world, because they affect its original design and fittings.

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