The women’s task is to inspire: Paul Rakov error in the relationship

Задача женщин – вдохновлять: Павел Раков об ошибках в отношениях The famous author and facilitator of psychological trainings revealed the most common misconceptions. Paul Rakov told about what forgets the majority of girls, when you meet the man of her dreams.

Many girls dream to get married successfully and love. However, in the pursuit of personal happiness violate some fundamental things that can put an end to the relationship and to kill the hope to create a strong family. One of the most famous leading psychological trainings Paul Rakov has shared with readers “StarHit”, about the most common mistakes made by representatives of the beautiful half of mankind in love Affairs.

“Find herself a husband”: the advice of Pavel Rakova, how to find love

Passive expectation. Many girls dream that men literally read their minds and do what they want. But actually the lady should be able to explain and create the initiative. It is very closely intertwined with the second mistake is the unwillingness to give up. Dreaming about a generous male? That means we need to be kind and grateful. But girls what do you think: first I will give something, and then I’ll be merciful. After all, it is feminine quality of the soul is the driver for men’s actions. Next to the girl a man wants to be generous.

The substitution of feminine sexuality. Many have the view that femininity is the easy promiscuity. No, it involves compassion, trust, sensuality. Sheath, of course, necessary, but it is more about flirting.

“The errors of classical wife.” It is very common among those who work in long-term relationships among the wives. All the “classic” couple split up with their husbands, because they do not behave as a mistress – and it is fun, receiving gifts, then a bright sex. And of course, 100% freedom not to call and ask, where are you when you come, do not put conditions, not hysteria and not to be offended. For example, the man was gone for a week and then comes and says as if nothing had happened: “How are you? What are you doing” – “Waiting for you!” And the answer is captivating. Of course, I want to warn you that the girl must learn to defend their own borders. And another important point – the couple must have mutual obligations. You’re doing something, and on this basis the other does something. This is not a trade, not a bribe, although, roughly speaking, we are all on the so-called market relations.

Excessive concern. All men belong to this item differently. The more successful your man is, the less you need to take care of him, and he is closer to malenkomu son, the more.

The lack of their interests. Many girls starting a relationship, dissolve in the man and forget about all the hobby. A man is impudent and borzeet, if he is passionate about their business, and you faithfully waiting for him and sacrificing their interests. He should understand that you feel good with myself, you will always find something to do. You are highly liquid, the girl who has your case and it’s not just a manicure-pedicure-hair, and, for example, floristry, yoga, dancing, fitness, swimming pool and so on. You turn of Affairs. And if he left, and you immediately took its time – it draws to you. It’s like the principle dolls.

Jealousy. But at this point, there are two types: destructive and constructive. Jealousy is not banned – it’s either there or not, but during the life of the can as the abyss, and emerge. It arises, first, from low self-esteem and ruins relationships – you would leave me, I become unhappy. It is a kind of manifestation of love as based on the object of love. But in the hands of a successful person jealousy can be a stimulus for growth. For example, the more a man jealous woman, the more is body, mental development, will make more money, to look for the girl, to make her life better, and consequently,.

“All at once”. All people have different pace of life. The more successful a person is, the stronger his habit to achieve everything quickly, here and now. The question how to use it. Should be rhythm, not to overfeed, but not to drive. The date should not be long. And the girl should go first at the peak of emotion. It often happens that all is well, the lady begins to unfold, and the man goes to another stage and already bored. Than the guy is younger, the more often we should meet, because the next day is likely to forget about you. For example, if a young man 20 years old, you can’t leave it more than two days, because it will start to change. I’m not saying all, but often exactly what happens. If 30 years is no more than a week; 40 – two weeks; 50 – three weeks, 60 – month.

The involvement of friends. Friend should be in your environment. But it’s important to understand that the family is a fortress where the entrance is strictly a pass, even the mother-in-law. In your couple own rules, communication style, unique behavior. Bridesmaids often carry their worldview as infowars and could ruin everything by imposing their own life experience. Friends should not be in second place and a third, and somewhere at the end of the first ten.

The lack of compliments, motivation, and support. There is such a distorted understanding that men love with their eyes, and women ears, but it is not so. The man, the leader also likes to listen to pleasant words. For him is the realization that the girl trusts him, admires. He gets so love. For him the language of love – confession. The more successful a man is, the more recognition he needs. Many people just for this and reach. A girl accustomed to compliments, but to say kind words and encourage can’t. But the main function of women is to inspire, everything else a man can obtain cheap, easy and from other people. If the lady will learn to make compliments, she will. She is in the process of communication will make your interlocutor better. Such people are in our lives forever.