The woman with the forms hunted online for tips on weight loss

Женщину с формами затравили в сети за советы о похудении

Cost the only Russian to make the TV as a beauty expert…

Now mockery became a part of the head of the Kazan center of beauty and health in the program on one of the channels. Anastasia Idrisova came as an expert on the show “On one wave”, which about 20 minutes was told about the effective beauty procedures, means and methods of fight against excess weight, tips on beauty.

Looks like viewers of the TV show ruptured templates. Many are accustomed to the fact that the conditional fitness diva having a page in social networks, open your own program, a business where by example demonstrate how to achieve close to the ideal body as being beautiful. Broadcast this show about the secrets of harmony and other things told the woman with the forms. Roller then went for a walk with a virus on the network, and users gave Anastasia this persecution: “the best beauty salon advertising and not to invent”, “Ate the previous leader”, “expert”, etc.

Idrissov was forced to leave the social network post that explains the trolls in the network:

“This post is my answer to the filth and accusations that appeared in the Internet after it’s aired on TV.

I’m ready to answer the question: “do I Have the right not to be the head of the Center for health and beauty?” Yes, comrades. I have this right, possessing all the knowledge and capabilities for this role,” – says the woman.

According to Anastasia, she is responsible for what he says and what he does. And that is why the beginning of work on myself, which may not give results overnight.

“And I’m like no, you know that it is impossible to change in a couple months. There is no magic for me a long and difficult path. I’m not looking for someone ideal, I love and will love any! I continue to live, to go your own way, and to share with people than can: knowledge, support, and energy!” – said Idrissov all the spiteful critics and put up a photo of “before” and “after”.

After the noise in social networks and news media for expert collapsed as indignant reviews and words of support. “I didn’t have tears when IT happened. But reading your words and seeing neutralize even quite unfamiliar people, to hold back the tears is impossible,” she finished.