Женщину, родившую от известного футболиста, заподозрили в оказании эскорт-услуг Anna Bagaeva has become the latest heroine of the program “Let them talk”. A young woman claims that she had a daughter from a famous football player Lorenzo Ebecilio. However, the man refuses to communicate with her and the baby.
Женщину, родившую от известного футболиста, заподозрили в оказании эскорт-услуг

Dutch football player Lorenzo Ebecilio was at the center of the scandal. As it turned out, the man was having an affair with a Russian girl named Anna. They dated for a few months, after which the choice of the athlete found out about the pregnancy.

Bagaeva hoped that the beloved will communicate with the baby, but the man interrupted her all sorts of contacts. In the end, the young woman had to go to the “Let them talk”, to take a DNA test and seek justice.

“You know, they say that the ideal for women and her first love becomes the father. I really wish my daughter had a dad. I am now on maternity leave, not working, and child need to provide. However, Lorenzo already two years does not go with us,” – said Anna.
Женщину, родившую от известного футболиста, заподозрили в оказании эскорт-услуг

The Studio came and the twin sister of a young woman. She assured all present that Lorenzo was in love with and dreamed about this baby. However, after his departure to Cyprus, the relationship is somehow broken.

A complete surprise for all present was impartial information that surfaced about the sisters. As it turned out, the girls are disreputable in his native Kirov. The Studio came one of the residents of the city, Maria Krupina, which confirmed that early relatives hunted escort.

“I spent several years moonlighting in a taxi and a couple of times he saw girls from one of our club up to all sorts of saunas and hotels. I have a friend who also works as an escort. Now she knows them and confirmed by them,” said Maria.

Guests in the Studio were quick to assume that Lorenzo Ebecilio just ran away after learning about the dubious reputation of a potential bride. However, Anna categorically denied the accusations.

Outrage was expressed by attorney Kate Gordon, representing the interests of young women. She threatened Krupinoj Mary sue, because she is spreading unconfirmed information. “We will sue you 500 thousand for the similar words. You will be able to pay? Then will you stop spreading rumors,” said human rights activist.

Anna herself is confident that the former lover is obliged to accept the child and start paying child support. Moreover, Lorenzo Ebecilio’s making good money and can provide her baby.

Another guest of the Studio became Ekaterina Safronova, which several years ago was in a relationship with Cargarmovil. She talked about how hard it is to be a beloved football player, and what sometimes ends such novels.

“We’re still in litigation over my son. I have not seen the child for four years, he took it. Now the poor boy is always alone, nobody wants it,” said Catherine.

Anyway, Anna Bagaeva decided to do a DNA test. She predostavila biomaterial daughter, and gave on examination the box, which could be traces of the DNA of her ex-lover. A young woman hopes that justice will prevail, and Lorenzo starts to communicate with the child.