The witch of “the battle of psychics” was hidden from chosen your gift

Ведьма из «Битвы экстрасенсов» скрывала от избранника свой дар Margarita bakhtiyarova didn’t tell the beloved that she has psychic abilities. A native of Krasnodar got their abilities from my grandmother. According to 20-year-old participating in the project, she sees the dead and can communicate with them.

      20-year-old Margaret bakhtiyarova came to “Battle of psychics” from Krasnodar. Project participant is a hereditary witch. Your gift she inherited from her grandmother. The girl could talk to the dead and can summon spirits. For the first time she saw the Ghost of deceased grandfather in five years. In the age she began to seriously work with the world of the dead.

      Margaret married however long she’s been hiding from his beloved that she has psychic abilities. The girl felt that the young man didn’t need to know.

      “I was never told about it. But once he looked into the room and saw how I communicate with shadow. Naturally, not frightened. Had to tell him to calm down. Now it belongs to my gifts, as a normal operation,” explained bakhtiyarova.

      Husband witch Alex supports the girl: he escorted Margaret to “Battle of psychics” in Moscow. When they arrived at the qualifying test to the capital, with a party to show there was an unpleasant incident. According to Bahtiarova, she knew that this would happen. “When traveling with spouse on the subway for shooting, said something bad, bag, just turning, he pulled her close. And when she was gone, I asked the dead to help me. Bag returned around 11 PM, just half an hour after my request, unharmed, with documents. However, mobile phone and money taken. But nothing, I earn more,” – said Margarita.

      Like many other participants of the show, the girl from Krasnodar has passed the test, during which she had to find a car with a man in the trunk. However, the witch waited for failure. “On the set was nastoyka information, I pointed to the car, which until then was hiding. All participants strong, but if I started the test, when the area was still “clean”, would have coped with it,” said bakhtiyarova.

      As admitted Margaret, on “Battle of psychics” sent her friends. On the project the girl made it a condition to the crew: it won’t show in the air holding all the rites to end.

      Bakhtiyarova tries to help all people who ask for it. “Recently I was approached by a woman from Ivanovo, were asked to help find her mother-in-law, which is long gone. Their magical channels checked if she’s still alive. But he wasn’t. Then I called her spirit, and drew a diagram of where to find this woman. Four days later her body was found,” – said Kuban hereditary witch.