The winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk deprived million

Победительницу «Голоса» Дарью Антонюк лишили миллиона The participant of the musical project may not get the win. According to media reports, a Bank that was a sponsor of the show, does not give her the money, because they are “stuck”. Antonyuk hopes for a good outcome.

The winner of the fifth season of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk was not able to pick up a cash prize, which it awarded for the first place. Funds promised to the girl, are on accounts of the Bank “Ugra”. His activities were frozen by the Central Bank. The amount of one million rubles stuck in a credit institution.

“The money I have, but to take them I can not due to the Bank problems, they hung there. Now we need to deal with all these processes. I hope everything will be fine, the money will be safe, I will take them and eventually spend on something important and useful for their career,” said Antoniuk.

According to some media reports, the “Yugra” required to make additional provisions in the amount of 24,1 billion rubles. The Bank of Russia revoked the license of the organization July 28.

Recall that Daria was able to bypass Alexander Panayotov on the number of votes in the final of the musical competition. Despite the rivalry on the project, the artists managed to maintain friendly relations. Recently, both the former participant of “the Voice” performed at the festival “Heat”, which was held in Baku. Antoniuk had the honour to sing on creative evening of Alla Pugacheva. Divucsa performed their hit Diva “iceberg”.

“I hesitated to come to Alla Borisovna, but then I have not regretted. She gave me important advice, said, being my age, she, like me, was worried and upset, even cried. Alla was very friendly and told me: “you’re ahead, go ahead”. Conversation with her was such a big “emotional spot,” said Antoniuk in an interview with reporters Super.

In the near future, Daria plans to begin work on the CD. According to her, it is now more important to finish the School-Studio of MKHAT, so music went by the wayside. However, she admits that soon it will continue to collect material for the album together with Leonid Agutin. Leonid Agutin explained the “disappearance” Daria Antonyuk