The winner of the show “the Voice” Sergey Volchkov was almost killed on the road

Победитель шоу «Голос» Сергей Волчков чуть не погиб на гастролях Bus artist lit up when his team was in the eagle. According to Sergei, the earlier problems with transport during the tour they arose. The singer said that the organizers were able to give musicians another car.

      Победитель шоу «Голос» Сергей Волчков чуть не погиб на гастролях

      The winner of the show “the Voice” Sergey Volchkov touring the country. On the eve of his concert took place in Orel, and the next stop for the artist will be Bryansk. However, on the eve of departure his team was in for trouble. The bus that they rented suddenly caught fire. According to Sergei, the vehicle was fine.

      The driver of the van was not injured, he managed to get out. However, the musicians had to find new transportation. Thanks to the coordinated work of the organizers, the issue is very quickly resolved.

      “Thank God, we rented a second car. Instruments were not, on the eve of we all took. Nothing happened,” – said Sergey “StarHit”.
      Победитель шоу «Голос» Сергей Волчков чуть не погиб на гастролях

      The singer’s fans expressed their feelings on his page in the social network. “All’s well that ends well”, “God you took from the tragedy”, “From Orel to Bryansk, of course, the path is relatively close and it’s good that nobody was hurt,” “Serge, very sorry about what happened. But most importantly, all alive,” wrote words of support to Internet users.

      The audience Orla was delighted with performances by Volchkov. The artist shared his impressions of the tour and last show. “Great concert. We have a great tour. Now the food in Bryansk, the day after tomorrow – Kaluga,” – said the winner of the musical contest. In each city, Sergey is looking forward to the devoted audience.

      We will remind that Sergey Volchkov was the team mentor of “the Voice” Alexander Gradsky. A young man came from Belarus and his talent conquered the jury of the project. He managed to surpass the number of votes of Sharip Umkhanov and Nargiz Zakirov. His victory became a devoted wife Natalia. Two years later Volchkova have a solo concert in the Kremlin, about which he dreamed.

      “Hands, of course, was shaking. But I had good training before that, chief, performance tour Russia, I drove about 70 cities. Very glad I came to support friends. Philip, for example, often gives me advice, which is very helpful both on stage and in life. For example, before this concert he advised me to smile more. I listened, trying to”, – said Sergey.

      Still Volchkov regularly turned for advice to Alexander Gradsky, as well as collaborating with other pop stars.