The winner of the show “the Voice. Children” Lisa Kachurak hounded in his hometown

Победительницу шоу «Голос. Дети» Лизу Качурак затравили в родном городе The girl was accused of star disease. According to public opinion, young artist of the pretentious, once refused to speak at one of the events. Parents Lisa Kachurak said “StarHit” why sparked such a scandal.
Победительницу шоу «Голос. Дети» Лизу Качурак затравили в родном городе

Last week, the Network appeared the information that the young star refused to speak on holiday in Kalach-na-Donu. Not really understanding the situation, the girl was quick to accuse the star disease. Please participate in the event, joined mom singer Faith Kachurak. But it was not a formal invitation, but a simple friendly correspondence in social networks, where the woman is honest and not expecting to catch said that Lisa can’t. They say that the concert was to be held outdoors, and this year the temperature is a record low, and the girl is not worth risking your voice and health in the cold. Later the whole story is much embellished, adding new details about the arrogant person.

“Before the start of the project “Voice. Children” Yuri Aksyuta warned parents that it would be ready, because our boys now in sight, – says Vera Kachurak with “StarHit”. – I think now I’m starting to understand what was discussed. Don’t think my daughter needs to make excuses or to defend myself, when my words turned around and taken out of context. We just continue to work, to go his own way!”
Победительницу шоу «Голос. Дети» Лизу Качурак затравили в родном городе

Interestingly, Lisa blamed the star for refusing to sing in the cold, but for some reason everyone decided to remain silent about the fact that Kachurak wasn’t even invited to the solemn event in honor of May 9 in his hometown. Lisa sang in a Victory Day in Volgograd and Kalach-on-don about it and not remembered. But then people without knowing why, they would think, perhaps, that Lisa herself had refused.

“We only once failed to speak in his native city, and, for objective reasons, – has explained Vera Kocurek. But now many in Kalach believe that Lisa “zazvezdilsya”. Our family believes that more good people, and soon misunderstanding will be exhausted!”