The winner of the show “Balanced people” have lost 62 pounds

Победитель шоу «Взвешенные люди» похудел на 62 килограмма
Popular TV show STS broke all records.

Победитель шоу «Взвешенные люди» похудел на 62 килограмма

Boris, Baburov

Photo: Press service of STS

The main prize of the show “Balanced people” TV channel STS —
2 500 000 —has received a 28-year-old Boris, Baburov from Moscow, which reached
the best result for all three seasons of the project. And the extra bonus of 500 000
rubles was won by 33-year-old Muscovite Anna Shevchenko.

In the third season of the show, the final of which was held at the
weekend, for a new life fought 10 pairs of the 8 cities of Russia, which dropped
a total of 735 pounds. Among the participants were couples, friends
and relatives. The winners of the third season — Boris, Baburov and Anna Shevchenko
the only heroes of the season, which met directly on the set.
The winner of 2.5 million Boris in four months dropped 62.6 kilograms,
is 40,65% of its initial weight. This is a new record show “Suspended

“It’s incredible, I’m so proud of myself! — told
Boris, Baburov. — Of course, I knew that dropped a lot, but I wanted
to see the final figure. Now all I ask what I would spend
the money won. During the show, we with Masha Kol’tsova nurtured very
cool business idea. She is a brilliant organizer, and I’m on the creative part,
so soon we will be really cool project. I’m not going to reveal all the secrets,
but I will say that it is somehow connected with the healthy way of life.”

Boris, Baburov and Anna Shevchenko

Photo: Press service of STS