The winner of the “New wave” Sardor Milano: “I was pleased that the man believed in me”

Победитель «Новой волны» Сардор Милано: «Мне было приятно, что Киркоров в меня верил» Yesterday in Sochi the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest. This year the highest marks scored just three members. The organizers presented winners of a large sum of money. Sardor Milano shared the joy with “StarHit”.
Победитель «Новой волны» Сардор Милано: «Мне было приятно, что Киркоров в меня верил»

14 September in Sochi, ended the contest of young singers of popular music “New wave”. First place was shared by just three members – Erna World from Armenia, the group DoReDoS from Moldova and Sardor Milano from Uzbekistan. For three competition days, spectators watched the competition of artists and rooting for their favorites.

For Sardor Milano, this victory is not the first in his artistic career. The Russian public he is remembered by the participation in the project “Main stage” and “the Voice.” Sardor admitted to “StarHit” why it was important for him to win on the “New wave” and what feelings had overwhelmed him from knowing that he scored the highest number of points. Moreover, the day of the award he was 26 years old.

“It was the emotion of absolute pride. I am generally very self-critical and seldom praised, – shared his impressions of the musician. – Victory on the “New wave” is very important to me. This project generates new names, such as Sergey Lazarev, Anastasia Stotskaya, Polina Gagarina, Irina Dubtsova, and others. The competition is very high. Five years ago it was my dream to even get here, and victory seemed beyond unrealistic. When I decided to participate in this contest, understand that after a victory on “the Main stage”, the finale of “the Voice,” I have no margin for error. I felt a responsibility to our listeners.”

Sardor admitted that he wants to find his place in the Russian show-business. Now the young man lives primarily in the United States where recording a new album. For the artist it was important to establish contact with the producers and the famous artists of our country. In Russia he also has an agent that helps to succeed.

The participant “Voices” Sardor Milano: “it was hard for Me to leave Bilan”

Победитель «Новой волны» Сардор Милано: «Мне было приятно, что Киркоров в меня верил»“Three days ago, I met with Philip Kirkorov. We shook hands and I said for six years he was my man should be equal. I even mentioned the resemblance to him. Philip Bedrosovich said that his friends feel the same way. I is flattered. He recommended me to go to a new show “Atividade”. I was very pleased, I hope he believes in me,” – said Sardor.

Sardor Milano’m glad Igor Krutoy gave him the opportunity to take part in the competition. The representative of Uzbekistan said that befriended a party of Armenia Susanna Melkonian, who took second place. The musician was also nice that the whole family came to support him.

“My family now live in different parts of the world, but all arrived in Sochi. My American Manager because of the hurricane in Florida just arrived on the third day of the contest, and here I was supported by the Russian agent. Gratitude to my fans who call themselves “milanetti”. Here they gave me a real surprise – gathered outside the hotel, and when I pulled up to the entrance, I heard my song, was a large poster on which was written my name with a heart. Now I have so many gifts, about 30 bouquets and I don’t know how all of this will take away to America!” – shared of Milano.

The winners received cash prizes. Now each of the winners may, at its discretion, to dispose of the amount received. The young man decided to make a gift to a friend.

“I promised my mom I wanted to buy her a car, and the remaining amount will be invested in creativity,” admitted Sardor.