The winner of the “Main stage” fighting for the victory in “the Voice”

Триумфатор «Главной сцены» борется за победу в «Голосе» Sardor Milano decided to try his luck in the popular project. Last year, the young artist won the top prize in the musical show. Now the talented singer once again wants to conquer the audience and judges with their vocals.

      Триумфатор «Главной сцены» борется за победу в «Голосе»

      The final stage of the blind auditions in “the Voice” brought viewers and the jury a lot of surprises. Thus, among the participants there were Nikolay Baskov, whose presentation gave an indescribable emotion to all viewers of the program. Also throughout the whole selection to participate in the program decided some already known to the General public musicians.

      To get to “the Voice”: why stars come on the project

      Finalist of the “Main stage” Sardor Milano decided to try my luck and participate in the project of the First channel. The young singer was able to attract the attention of the jury with their vocal abilities. All mentors wanted to see the musician in his team.

      “I am overwhelmed with happiness, I have no words,” said the musician after the show.

      He auditioned four times, but did not succeed. In the end, Sardor chose the team of Dima Bilan. He admitted that it is not easy to make that choice, but the important factor was how the choreographer works with the wards.

      Last year Sardor participated in another musical project “Main stage”. Then the young man reached the final and became the winner of the project. Then he worked under the direction of Konstantin Meladze. The project Milano met with Grigory Leps, who was the host of the show.

      Last year the star project mentors recognized the talent of Sardor Milano unconditional. Many considered the ability of a young artist, quite extraordinary. “I think you’re quite worthy of first place, despite all the difficulties of our genre – said Meladze after the victory of his ward. – Despite the excitement of yours, and all the other interference that could be, you were great, brilliant. You should be grateful to the people who voted for you because they are your future”.

      Sardor Milano since childhood, interested in music. The young man was born in Tashkent, and then with the family moved to Alma-ATA. The range of his voice is three and a half octaves. After the triumph at the music show Sardor had all the chances to develop their creativity abroad.

      “After the show I was invited to America. The meeting was held with one of the creators of Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, the producer of Tim Koons. He had a creative break, which he was completely devoted to his family. After almost 20 years, Tim Koons decided to return to American show business. He once accidentally online, as he admitted to me, caught my performances. He listened to them and was surprised,” said Milano in an interview.

      During his creative journey Sardor managed to release their album “Time to tell”, which found its loyal listeners. A young man traveling to different countries and loves Pets. The Milano has two adorable dogs.

      While 24-year-old actor met the girl of his dreams, but understands who is with us.

      “My life partner should believe in me more than myself. And I have such a thing – wish international family. When I travel, all the time thinking: “what if tomorrow I meet my destiny.” For some reason I really want a talented daughter. I think she would be a singer. Maybe even African-American with curly hair. I drive her to school, to music school,” said Milano in an interview with reporters.