The winner of the first “battle of the psychics” came to the defense of the project

Победительница первой «Битвы экстрасенсов» встала на защиту телепроекта The healer said about his attitude to the show. She remembered how cautiously accepted the invitation from the editors of transmission, because they were afraid that her reputation will suffer. Clairvoyant supported the creators of the program.
Победительница первой «Битвы экстрасенсов» встала на защиту телепроекта

Natalia Vorotnikova was the best in the first season of the project “Battle of psychics.” Hereditary clairvoyant won a blue hand – the main award of the most mystical show. Her psychic abilities manifested in early childhood. The healer is a practicing psychologist and expert-diagnostician by the method of academician Bronnikov.

For several years Vorotnikova satisfied with the sessions in the centre “Magic power”. Together with other experts she helps people who come to her with different problems. Visitors to the sessions leave grateful comments on its website. Sometimes Natalia shares her thoughts with Internet users.

In the last treatment the healer supported the project “fight of psychics”. She remembered how she got on TV.

“The project still does not lose its popularity and gives its viewers a new story, trials, and names. Time flies and it seems that it was yesterday. But on the other hand, there is a sense that it was so long ago. Now, years later, it is interesting to recall how it all began. But for me it all began: the editors of the future of the project called the center where I led the reception, and invited to participate in the casting of a fundamentally new transmission. I’ll be honest: I hesitated a lot before agreeing to participate. I do very selective attitude to such proposals, because I am convinced that a psychic like no one else is obliged to cherish their reputation,” wrote Vorotnikova.

He recalls the psychic, she immediately accepted the offer, because the media often wrote about the deceptions of psychics and quackery. However, Vorotnikova took a chance and went into the project. According to the healer, she then realized that the show has a great future, and it will be popular with viewers.

“To “Battle of psychics” are different. Some scolded her, others became fans. But perhaps this is almost the only television show that almost leaves no one indifferent. Want to support the creators of the TV show and wish them creative success, health, so necessary in the face of severe physical and emotional tension, which, I know, they often have to work,” said the woman.

By the way, many of the stars who participated as heroes of “Battle of psychics” has criticized the project. In their opinion, things were going on in advance written scenario.Alena Vodonaeva has addressed the subject of charlatans in the “Battle of the psychics»