Победительница «Евровидения» отказалась приезжать в Россию Netta Barzilai is not ready to attend the award MUZ-TV. As reported by the management of the artist, June 8, the singer plans to stay in Israel for another important event.
Победительница «Евровидения» отказалась приезжать в Россию

The winner of “Eurovision” Netta Barzilai, day after day, accepting congratulations. The girl impressed the jury of the song contest and managed to beat the finalists from Cyprus and Austria by the number of points. Bright manner and an eccentric manner of the Israelite impressed the audience. In particular, her performance attracted the interest of many Russian producers and experts. In the network appeared the information that netto wanted to invite to the award ceremony MUZ-TV. As a rule, the organizers of this annual event are often invited foreign stars. TV presenter Andrey Razygraev told about the plans.

“Invited the winner of Eurovision to perform at the MUZ-TV, but the management of the actress has strongly denied: “this day in tel Aviv gay parade! No!” We all have our own values,” said Razygraev.

In social networks began to actively discuss this position Netty. Many users consider the artist a strange and negative perception of her. Besides, such events, which plans to participate Barzilai, always collect several million people.

Previously, many Russian celebrities have criticized the net for her statement. In the air, “Let them talk”, dedicated to the competition, Sergey Zverev has hinted that he could sing even better.

“And that praise-then (Netta Barzilai). I swell, I’ll sing even better. This is a contest of young performers. What makes sense to me to take part in “Eurovision”, when everyone knows that I’m there to win? I have then no incentive. If I go, I will do all. I sensation,” said the stylist.

By the way, the Russian party Yulia Samoilova disappointed compatriots for their room at the “Eurovision”. “I looked just now. I know my schools, I made a lot of mistakes. I am of course pleased that all my excuses together… But everything is true,” said Samoylova in a live TV program, which was removed upon her return home.

Recall that during one of the days of competition, she performed with the song I won’t break. Suddenly the girl forgot the words to the song that had noticed and the jury, and her fans. The singer believes that all would go better if she made a mistake.