Победитель «Евровидения-2017″ Сальвадор Собрал вновь на сцене после пересадки сердца

The winner of “Eurovision-2017” Salvador Gathered once again took to the stage. The course of recovery after surgery is completed, and the Portuguese singer was supported by her sister Lisa at her concert. His appearance on the stage was a big surprise for fans.

Победитель «Евровидения-2017″ Сальвадор Собрал вновь на сцене после пересадки сердца

Recall that the Portuguese musician Salvador Sobral, the winner of the musical contest “Eurovision-2017” held a heart transplant at a clinic in Lisbon, in which Tu was hospitalized. The doctors said that the operation was successful and the patient feels well but a full recovery after a complicated surgery will take a lot of time, informs BI-BI-SI.

“He is very well prepared for surgery, this young man understood all the difficulties of the upcoming procedure. The recovery will take a lot of time,” say the doctors.

The operation was carried out in the hospital of Santa Cruz, where the performer was hospitalized after deterioration. According to the doctors, the condition of the singer deteriorated due to excessive load. Following an international competition, El Salvador has given dozens of concerts around the world. In late August, the contractor had to cancel his performances at three of their concerts. He promised fans that he would return to the stage, if the transplant will be successful. Which would be restored and gather forces, Salvador took a break.

Before the operation of the contractor hooked up to a special machine. “Now he feels much better since all the important functions of the body instead of bodies of cars,” reported the doctors.

At the last concert 8 Sep fans have released a lot of red balls in the shape of a heart on the singer said, “I Hope one of them will help me.” The concert was also attended by his parents and his sister Louise, lasted only one hour. Salvador couldn’t finish the song, because the emotions took over.

Singer Jamal, who won in Eurovision 2016 is not indifferent, conveying the singer’s words of encouragement to her instagram. “We need to pray for you! Of power to you, El Salvador! You’ll be fine! With love, Jamal,” says the artist.

For the sake of the performer, the organizers of “Eurovision” even a little changed the rules of the contest. He was allowed to miss rehearsal, it is the heart of the singer could simply not withstand the physical stress. He won with the song “Amar pelos dois”, where sings about a heart that will stand and will be able to love for two. It was supported by many guests and participants, due to which El Salvador scored a record number of points — 758.