The winner of “Battle of psychics” Swami Dasha provoked a scandal in the plane

Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» Свами Даши спровоцировал скандал в самолете The mystic lit up the video, which was filmed sitting next to him a passenger. The woman said that the Swami tried to run it in a free row. As noted by the author of the video, the man said he plans to sleep there, and later called the flight attendant and joined her in the fray.

      After the end of the seventeenth season of “Battle of psychics” on Swami Dashi for a long time nothing was heard. The medium began to travel around the city, arranging workshops and seminars in the framework of a project aimed at healing the soul and body of man. Apparently, the schedule of the winner of the acclaimed project planned for the holidays as many people turn to him for help.

      What we learned Swami Dasha: the most striking statements of the winner of “Battle of psychics”

      A few hours ago in the Internet appeared the video shot by the singer Athena. Apparently, the woman was going to fly to St. Petersburg. She gave my seat to a family with a baby, and she went on free range. However, another passenger tried to drive away her away, explaining that he wants to take several seats and sleep. The actress could not hold resentment, and have recorded a video shared on the social network.

      “There are autogamy, but still there are aircraft louts, what type of cattle it is native, and sick of these comrades. Well, to make it clearer, I gave the family with a baby, and she sat on the free number, after 15 minutes, the monster (a person, especially a man, not to call it that) is blatantly the village to the place and said: “Come girl, here I’m going to sleep!” And he didn’t care that I gave my place baby, and I’m a woman, and that it is not his place. He called the senior flight attendant, and she told him culturally explained: you go, uncle, on the street, if you are not satisfied with something. Expressing human gratitude to Mathew from the Board!” – said Athena.

      In the end, the passenger agreed to return to his seat. The singer asked the subscribers who this man is. To everyone’s surprise, they turned out to be the winner of “Battle of psychics” Swami Dashi. No one could believe that off screen the man who literally cured people can afford such behavior.

      “Wait a second! This is Swami Dashi! Mage and warlock. The winner of “Battle of psychics.” I’m totally frustrated!”, “I can’t believe Dasha is such a ham”, “psychics was filmed. It way you can see what a freak”, “What a disappointment… And such a light and good were sending screen,” wrote members of social networks. Someone decided to send this video Athens to the editor of the TV channel TNT, which aired the mystic. The number of followers of the singer suggested that after this video Swami will lose more of its customers.