The winner of “Battle of psychics” preparing for the birth of a child

Победительница «Битвы экстрасенсов» готовится к рождению ребенка Elena Yasevich will become a mother for the second time. The winner of the 12th season of the mystical show accepts congratulations from fans. Psychic published a picture, which was made during the ultrasound. She did not hide the news from followers.
Победительница «Битвы экстрасенсов» готовится к рождению ребенка

The winner of the 12th season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics,” Elena Yasevich shared with fans of good news – soon she will become a mother for the second time. Hereditary witch spoke about the upcoming changes in the microblog. She posted the sonogram, obtained in the gynecology office. The famous clairvoyant could hardly contain the emotions that overwhelmed her soul in a moment when she saw the unborn child.

“Oh, God, I don’t know what to say… After all, what is the soul, beyond words. I’m just going to endlessly thank. I’m just going to wait. I will soon become a mother! Today, he waved his right hand,” – said the Yasevich.

Fans shared the joy of the winner of “Battle of psychics” and wished her a easy delivery and child health. While Elena did not disclose the pregnancy and the sex of the baby. The followers did not spare warm words to the woman.

“It’s beyond words when you see on the screen your baby and hear its heart beating! Take care of yourself and your blood! Health and happiness to you too!” “Helen, I’m so happy for you! Best wishes from our family. Happiness to your family and health. Take care of yourself. We hug you and love”, “I Congratulate you on the joy of life. I wish you good luck and health to your family and you. To have in your home has always been a joy,” “heartily congratulations! Grow healthy!” – wrote fans.

38-year-old woman raising 12-year-old daughter Nastya. She loves the child and tries to be her model.

“Every mother should remember that one day her daughter will follow her example and not her advice. Wish myself and all of you moms of wisdom”, – confessed Elena.

Just a month before to tell about pregnancy, a psychic hinted at upcoming changes. She changed my hair in anticipation of a new turn of life. “Battle of psychics” 10 years: as show breaks the participants ‘ lives

“I want to change the fate obstrigli hair. According to mysticism, to trim, to shorten the hair, certainly means to make a step towards change in their lives. According to the old Testament injunction, “to renounce hair” and “throw them all evil,” was cut her hair only people who have experienced emotional shock. The vows meant a step towards a spiritual rebirth, rejection of his former identity…. So I’m going to meet a new,” admitted Elena.