The winner of “Battle of psychics” has unveiled the mystery of Mikhail Porechenkov

Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» рассекретил тайну Михаила Пореченкова
Mehdi Ebrahimi Wafa said that the actor appealed to him for help.

Mikhail Porechenkov

Photo: photo provided by press service of the festival “Saint Anna”

The winner of the third season of “Battle of psychics” Mehdi
Ebrahimi Wafa denounced Mikhail Porechenkov, who aired the popular radio said that everything that happens in the project — lies, and staging.

“I worked them for a long time, sharply commented the actor in
live. — Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yes, totally. What
then not to disclose? Truth be told”. Mehdi assured that at the time Michael turned to him with
a request to help a friend. “It is unlikely he would have done it, says the psychic, if
I thought I don’t have any abilities”.

However, Mehdi agreed with Michael that many of the points in
show, but explained it is not the lack of skills of the participants
project, and the fact that in any project a necessary element of colorful performances. Also, MAG said in that season that he won, “all
it was real”.

By The Way, Marat Basharov,
who succeeded
Porechenkov in the post leading “the battle of psychics”, not left said
his colleague’s words no attention. However, categorically deny the application of Michael
did not.

“I don’t know why he says it. If you think that those
the tears of the people in the frame, tears of joy or sorrow, — all this is staged,
all played — hence, participating in the program are very good actors. Really
I at the age of 42 I learned to distinguish the sincere joy, regret or grief
people from the fake. If anyone thinks that this is not true, let them believe!”