The will persuades the Utiasheva to change the name

Воля уговаривает Утяшеву сменить фамилию Couple resting in Dubai. Upon arrival at the airport with star family there was a funny misunderstanding. The receiving party made a mistake when registering the tour young people. Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva shared emotions in social networks.

      The life and jokes star Comedy Club in Instagram following of over seven million people. Man often publishes joint shots with his wife Rosie, and publicly confesses his love for her. However, the constant shooting does not give love spending as much time as they would like. This is why they both briefly flew to the United Arab Emirates. At the airport they were met with a sign on which was given the status of tourists – Russian stars. But it is interesting not only that. The receiving party pointed out Rosie with her husband’s name – Will.

      “Dubai-lads – meet with the correct name. Change, change, change…” – signed photograph of Paul.

      The sportswoman also laughed at the situation and published a frame by putting hashtags “spravleniya”, “start vacation”, “Susanville”, “how you?” “all love”. Fans, apparently, really liked this combination.

      “So be it! The husband and wife should be one name! And the children! You will go,” “Oh, laugh! Sounds weird, but overall okay, Very cool. Pavlik probably happy. It’s nice when your woman is your last name. My wife didn’t want to take mine, but here you have this last name very well. Make sure you change,” he wrote to fans online.

      Vacation lovers is great. Great weather, privacy and new places were stellar pair is a good choice. “Today we walk through the Bastakiya district. This is an incredible place, where many art galleries and museums. Here you can learn all about the culture, architecture and history of Dubai. A real Oriental fairy tale!” – shares with followers a gymnast. Showman tries to spoil the Utiasheva and takes favorite in different countries. So, six months ago, a couple vacationing in the Canary Islands. Then the presenters admitted that Spain became one of their favorite places.

      “Today was the volcano. Toured the entire island. Tenerife – power! All climbed, everywhere noted. Sensations of the sea. I will share tomorrow at the concert. Stand the same as on photos, but on stage, not on a piece of lava. Filmed a bunch of beauty,” said Paul Will in the microblog.