The wife of Yuri Shevchuk’s worried about his life

Жена Юрия Шевчука переживает за его жизнь The leader of the cult of DDT was the hero of the author’s show “wdud” in YouTube. Yuri Shevchuk shared stories from the past, and also spoke about the current wife Catherine. According to the rocker, she is very afraid for him and asks him not to get involved in scandals.
Жена Юрия Шевчука переживает за его жизнь

Yuri Shevchuk gave an interview to Yuri Dude. Hour conversation with musician and journalist was released on the YouTube channel “wdwd”. Shevchuk told about the creation of the song “Autumn”, shared his views on modern rock music and was not afraid to touch on personal topics. Rocker rarely talks about family, but he recently made an exception and told about the current beloved.

The wife Shevchuk Ekaterina not much is known. The musician prefers to keep her from too much attention of the public. According to the rocker, she reacts negatively, if he mentions it in interviews.

“Catherine G. – my current love. Me at all that the Lord has given so much. This is the main luck and success in my life, – said Yuri Yulianovich. She is beautiful, smart, wonder, wonderful hostess. She hates the public, hates social life as I do. As one philosopher: “Heroes is almost gone, down to a choir”. She is very afraid for me, worried, says: “George, be quiet, don’t say anything, you better sing.”
Жена Юрия Шевчука переживает за его жизнь

Another Muse Yuri Shevchuk – Bikbov: Elmira, who died in 1992 after a battle with cancer. For a long time, the musician talked about his first wife. Even now, years later, the artist is hard to remember Elmira, who died at the age of 24 years. Shevchuk sighed and said what was truly in love with Bikbova. The contractor tried to do everything possible to somehow to help the chosen one, but the disease took its toll.

“No chance to save her was not. We tried. She had brain cancer. Recently from the disease died a brilliant Hvorostovsky”, – said the rocker.
Жена Юрия Шевчука переживает за его жизнь

Bikbova to the song “the Actress Spring”. She was born after Elmira gave the musician son Peter. Shevchuk recalled how he worked on the creation of the composition.

Жена Юрия Шевчука переживает за его жизнь“We called Elmira actress… me to the hospital ran, music, and read the text on the entire hospital. During the night he wrote, and in the morning ran: night in the hospital is not allowed”, – shared the artist.

In recognition Shevchuk, he does not consider himself a model parent. “I guess I’m not the best father. Pete was raised by a grandmother, then I cut and tried to fix something, I don’t know if it worked. I was constantly on tour, and the 90 was cash-strapped times,” said the artist.

During the conversation with Mr Dude, the musician also said that helped him survive the loss of his wife. “I called Stas Namin, and I suddenly went up to Jerusalem. I was in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and I pulled out”, – said Shevchuk.