Жена Уилла Смита призналась, что она лысеет
Cause hair loss Actresses were problems in her marriage.

Жена Уилла Смита призналась, что она лысеет

Jada Pinkett Smith

Photo: Instagram @JadaPinkettSmith

Jada Pinkett made a surprising confession: she reported that rapidly
loses hair! Love turbans, suddenly appeared the wife of 49-year-old will Smith was not her style discovery, and the result of the desire to hide the progressing baldness.

“I remember the first time I realized that losing my hair. I was washing my hair and suddenly saw
my hair is falling out in whole strands. It was just awful. Me right
started to shake from fear…” — said 46-year-old jada. From that moment on she
decided to get my hair cut as short as possible to her problem was not as noticeable. And
the same time would often appear in public wearing hats.

Of course, jada is upset because of the fact that he was losing hair. However
on reflection, she decided that it’s not the worst thing that can
to happen. “I thought, if I was given the opportunity to choose what to lose
in life, I would have thought that hair loss can survive!” — trying not to lose
optimism actress.

When jada went to the doctors to understand what caused it
progressive baldness, and so they are unable to give her a plausible answer.
Only their version was hair loss due to stress.

This is probably really is the real cause of the problem
incurred by Pinkett. Her marriage with will
Smith, which lasted for more than 20 years, can not be called simple. Will not just suspected
cheating wife — for example, with Australian actress Margot
Robbie. But every time a new rumor about the next affair with her
husband, jada replied: “I’m not going to play the role of nodemocracy with my husband.
He’s a grown man and responsible for his behavior!” However, this year it
patience, it seems, still exhausted. If you believe the rumors, that Judd is very close to deciding on divorce.

Jada Pinkett Smith and will Smith