The wife of Vladimir Kristovsky a week after giving birth released

Жена Владимира Кристовского через неделю после родов вышла в свет
The young wife of the singer shocked everyone slim figure.

Vladimir Kristovskiy with his wife Olga and brother Sergei

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Vladimir Kristovskiy arrived at the party, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the opening in Gum boutique Paul Smith together with his wife Olga Polevskoy. But she gave birth a week ago! A young mother came to the party accompanied by her husband and his brother Sergei, she demonstrated incredibly slim just gave birth to a girl figure.

Olga gave Vladimir the long-awaited son, Theodore 8 Nov. Prior to this, in the first marriage have been born solely daughter, whom the parents named the rare names yasmin, Stanislaus, MIA and Mind.

With the future second wife Kristovskiy met on the set of the clip. And this office romance ended in the creation of a new family. The lovely Olga always gladly accompanied her husband to parties, making a break only in the later stages of pregnancy. And here almost immediately after giving birth new mother again was released, hitting everyone with his chiseled figure.